Fresh Lemon Thyme & Lemon

Product Name: Fresh Lemon Thyme & Lemon
Availability: Hand Made To Order

Disclaimer: our chocolate & macarons may look slightly different than the picture.

Fresh Lemon Thyme & Lemon

Another perennial favorite, much like the Malakoff or Raspberry truffles, the Lemon Thyme truffle is a sweet refreshing treat. Butter, sugar, lemon juice, lemon compound, and fresh lemon thyme from our own herb garden delicately blend with a French chocolate ganache to form an intoxicating lemon ganache. Enrobed in creamy white chocolate and topped with finely chopped lemon thyme, this truffle is fresh, creamy, and sweet with a strong lemon flavor that slowly fades into a lingering white chocolate taste. This is one truffle you simply must try.

Mouthfeel: creamy
Taste: sweet and refreshing with strong lemon white chocolate taste
Chocolate: blend of creamy milk and white chocolate
Beans: Blended Trinitario
Region: West Africa
Style: French

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