Grand Pré Ice Wine

Product Name: Grand Pré Ice Wine
Availability: Hand Made To Order

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Grand Pré Ice Wine

This lovely little truffle features a sweet Nova Scotia Vidal Ice Wine ganache from Grand Pré Estates that is blended with Cacao Barry Lactée Supérieure milk chocolate and Cacao Barry Mi-Amère dark chocolate that is then enrobed in a bittersweet Cacao Barry Mi-Amère dark chocolate couverture shell and aggressively stylized. Upon first bite the dark chocolate shell makes way to the sweet and creamy Vidal ice wine ganache that dances on your tongue before fading into a soft semi-bitter dark chocolate savor. 

Mouthfeel: clean dark chocolate snap leads to creamy ice wine ganache
Taste: sweet and slightly bitter
Chocolate: blend of milk and dark chocolate
Beans: Blended Trinitario
Region: West Africa
Style: French

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