Apricot Macaron

Product Name: Apricot Macaron
Availability: Hand Made To Order

Available for purchase in our Halifax Seaport retail store. Please call 1-902-463-9138 for more information.

Disclaimer: our chocolate & macarons may look slightly different than the picture.

Apricot Macaron

Designed and hand made in the traditional French style with fresh ground almond, sugar, icing sugar, and eggwhites and filled with a delicious apricot buttercream, this little gluten free treat is wonderfully moist and will slowly melt in your mouth upon first bite. The two shiny and delicious almond-meringue-discs are hand filled with a soft and seductive apricot buttercream that pays homage to the great macarons of the past. Sure to delight, a box of these macarons are available in our Halifax Seaport store.

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