Cinnamon Toffee

Product Name: Cinnamon Toffee
Availability: Hand Made To Order

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Cinnamon Toffee

Fun and full of cinnamon flavor this cone shaped cinnamon toffee truffle is a little treasure. Made from fresh cinnamon shaved directly from the stick, this truffle is filled with a sweet, smooth, and gooey caramel soft toffee and enrobed in delicious Cacao Barry Lactée Supérieure milk chocolate couverture. On first bite the milk chocolate immediately yields to the thick and creamy caramel soft toffee, with a mild cinnamon and milk chocolate flavour lingering for minutes after.

Mouthfeel: smooth and gooey
Taste: sweet, sweet, sweet
Chocolate: semi-sweet Cacao Barry Lactee Superior milk chocolate
Beans: Blended Trinitarios
Region: West Africa
Style: French

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