Pistachio & White Chocolate

Product Name: Pistachio & White Chocolate
Availability: Hand Made To Order

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Pistachio & White Chocolate

A real treat, the core of this delicious creamy pistachio truffle is made with a buttery French chocolate ganache and a premium natural French pistachio paste, and coated in an elegant Cacao Barry dyed green white chocolate shell featuring a rough modern exterior. Smoothy and creamy, the initial milk chocolate taste is highlighted by a mild pistachio flavor which yields to a sweet caramel and white chocolate finish that lingers for several minutes. Perfect for Pistachio fans, this tremendous little truffle adds some color to even the most glamorous of chocolate boxes.

Mouthfeel: creamy
Taste: mild pistachio and caramel with sweet white chocolate
Chocolate: combination of creamy milk chocolate and white chocolate
Beans: Blended Trinitario
Region: West Africa
Style: French

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