Gaspereau Maple Wine

Product Name: Gaspereau Maple Wine
Availability: Hand Made To Order

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Gaspereau Maple Wine

Nearly a national icon, the Gourmandises Avenue Maple Wine truffle is a delectable little chocolate. Featuring a maple leaf motif with a lovely shimmering red sheen, this truffle is made with a soft French chocolate ganache and Nova Scotia Gaspereau Vineyards Maple Wine. Enrobed in a Cacao Barry extra bitter 70% dark chocolate couverture, the shell breaks away on first bite to reveal a creamy maple wine French chocolate ganache that is subtle yet complex. Not too sweet, your tongue quickly identifies hints of maple wine liquor before evolving into a bitter dark chocolate savor. This chocolate is a Canadian treasure!

Mouthfeel: hard dark chocolate snap leads to creamy maple wine center
Taste: bitter dark chocolate savor with very subtle hints of maple wine liquor
Chocolate: blend of milk and dark chocolate
Beans: Blended Trinitario
Region: West Africa
Style: French

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