Pomme d'Or Truffle

Product Name: Pomme d'Or Truffle
Availability: Hand Made To Order

Disclaimer: our chocolate & macarons may look slightly different than the picture.

Pomme d'Or Truffle

A relatively new creation out of our chocolate lab, this little truffle is a show stopper. Made for the red carpet, and dressed in gold pearls, it features an Apple Wine and Apple Jelly infused Cacao Barry Lactée Supérieure milk chocolate and Cacao Barry Mi-Amère dark chocolate ganache that is then enrobed in Cacao Barry extra bitter 70% chocolate couverture shell. Being the hot little new comer, this truffle with its glowing dark chocolate sheen and incredible depth of flavor asks a simple question: can it get any better? As your teeth pierce the dark chocolate walls and your lips lay waste, a delicious, fruity, and bold apple wine and apple wine Calvados jelly ganache unexpectedly pours onto your tongue and coats your mouth in a symphony of flavour. For just a hot second your taste buds are overwhelmed with the elegant apple wine and Calvados jelly ganache that quickly evolves into a semibitter dark chocolate savor that is strong, true, and unmistakeable. As the chocolate melts and you slowly swallow the sweet ganache, you'll find each gold pearl lends a little bit of crunch. Sure to please, you'll enjoy this little afternoon delight time and time again.

Mouthfeel: nice, clean dark chocolate snap reveals cavernous liquid apple wine and Calvados apple jelly ganache highlighted by gold pearl crunch 
Taste: just-for-a-second sweet apple jelly and apple wine flavours followed by a tried and true bittersweet dark chocolate afterglow 
Chocolate: blend of milk and dark chocolate
Beans: Blended Trinitario
Region: West Africa 
Style: French

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