Raspberry Truffle

Product Name: Raspberry Truffle
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Raspberry Truffle

Large and in charge, this raspberry truffle is a perennial favorite and an absolute crunchy crunchtastic delight. A lip smacking French chocolate ganache, fresh raspberry puree and raspberry liquor fills this chocolate, which is then thinly enrobed with Cacao Barry extra bitter 70% dark chocolate couverture, and then rolled in coarse sugar. If you absolutely must try any Gourmandises Avenue truffle, this is the one. At first bite you break through the coarse sugar and dark chocolate shell to unlock the thick and gooey raspberry and French chocolate ganache trapped inside the sweet yet bitter dark chocolate walls. Full bodied and complex, this truffle will surely become one of your favorites.

Mouthfeel: dark chocolate snap with a coarse sugar crunch and gooey raspberry ganache
Taste: sweet, fruity, and bitter
Chocolate: combination of creamy milk chocolate and bitter dark chocolate
Beans: Blended Trinitario
Region: West Africa
Style: French

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